A newsletter on progress-space research and audience development for cultural leaders. One reader calls it, "sometimes funny"

Tomorrow (Tuesday, June 15th): Writer Roundtable with Rosie Siemer

Join us on Tuesday, June 15th at 4pm ET for a one-hour Writer Roundtable with guest author Rosie Siemer as we discuss her recent article "Museum membership is down but it’s not out". Rosie is CEO of FIVESEED and the author of Museum Membership Innovation.

Register for the event→

June 21–June 23rd: 48-hour Ship-It Challenge

Our next Ship-It Challenge begins in two weeks. MAP Community members are invited to join the Shipping Crew group in the community and spend two days focusing on shipping a single project.


  • A project is anything you'd like to "ship" during our 48-hour sprint. Maybe it's something that's been languishing on your to-do list — a blog post, article, website, video… Ideally, it's related to our current community theme (Listening), but it doesn't have to be.
  • A shipped project is one that is somehow available for public consumption. A shipped project is not a perfect project — It may not even be a finished project. Maybe it's just a first iteration, but it's one that is available for other humans to read, watch, browse, purchase, contribute to… any of these things qualifies.
  • Participation in the Ship-It Challenge means… trying. It's ok if your project isn't ready to ship at the end — A big part of our goal is to stretch our brain muscles and focus on just one thing for a few days. (You don't have to put your life on hold entirely to participate either. Eat, sleep, be with your family, attend that meeting you need to go to — Just come back to your Project as much as you can.)

We'll hold periodic check-ins during the 48-hour period to report on progress, celebrate wins, and help each other get unstuck.

Community members can participate by joining the Shipping Crew group in the community and RSVPing for the event there.

Thursday, June 24th at 5pm ET: Barbara Filion on Listening & Talking Circles

Susan Spero will interview and co-host a discussion with Barbara Filion. Barbara is a museum advisor who has worked with First People’s Communities in Canada. She will discuss Talking Circles.

This will be the last event we'll host in the community that's related to our Spring theme of Listening. This is another event that's only open to MAP Community members. However, registration is open for the community now, so if you'd like to attend this event on Listening, you can join the community here→

Registration for the summer/fall season ends on Wednesday, June 30th.

As always, reply to this email to let me know your thoughts or leave a comment on this post.



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