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Hi all — Just a quick note today.

Bob Beatty, president of The Lyndhurst Group, has generously offered to lead a post-election scenario planning session for MAP community members and readers of this newsletter-blog-thing called SuperHelpful Letters.

The event is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) at 11:30am ET. Here’s how to register.

A little background

This event is a reprise of an initial scenario planning session that was coordinated with the National Conference on Citizenship on October 21st, which I was not able to attend, unfortunately. I’ve been trying to find more resources online from that event to share with you all, as I know many of you won’t be able to make tomorrow’s event on such short notice. I have our agenda for tomorrow, of course, but I’d love to give you all more… So, if you have resources you’d like to share on this topic, please feel free to leave links in the comments on this post.

About scenario planning

Scenario planning is a technique that helps teams have well-designed conversations about the future, especially when they face major uncertainty and change. It has been used as a strategy tool in organizations for over 50 years, yet is more relevant and necessary than ever. Scenarios are multiple, alternative stories about how the future could play out, which encourage teams to challenge their own assumptions and think creatively about change. In this session, we’ll work in regional groups to explore a range of possible futures for how the 2020 election might play out to help inform our own solutions and consider the choices we may need to make as leaders in our museums and communities.

Hope to see you tomorrow. :-)



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