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Audience engagement was complicated enough pre-pandemic. Now, it’s an even bigger question mark. Some say museums might consider slowing down, while others say this is a time for productive experimentation. And some are trying to predict what engagement will look like after the current crisis has passed. (More on that next week.)

I’m looking for ways to be more helpful and supportive right now, and I think bringing people together to share their experiences and learn from one another is a safe bet.

So, I’m planning a reader roundtable to give you all a chance to get together and discuss:

  • unexpected challenges when it comes to engaging constituents today,
  • what’s working for you right now,
  • what the unknowns are, and
  • what creative approaches you’ve found to make the most of this strange time, if that’s been possible for you.

This is not a webinar. You can sit back and mostly lurk if you prefer, but the discussion will largely be directed by participants. I’ll keep the conversation going with some possible topics if that’s needed, but I’ll mostly be trying to listen. Our last roundtable on Member Research & Development made for an interesting discussion — I’m hoping we can replicate that with this new topic.

This is a free event, and there will be no sales pitches.

If you’d like to attend, choose which times work for you using this poll. I’ll review submissions over the next few days and finalize a time based on your responses.

Take the poll

As always, reply to this email to let me know your thoughts or leave a comment below.

Have the best weekend possible,

P.S. You do not actually have to be a newsletter subscriber to attend this roundtable. I just assume that most people who attend will be readers, and I like the way “reader roundtable” sounds. :-) So, feel free to share with others. All are welcome.

This newsletter tested negative for Covid-19.

(Is it too soon for pandemic jokes?)

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