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This is not what you want to see just a few hours before you host an event that relies heavily on breakouts:

I guess my brain is primed right now to find evidence that I've taken the wrong approach to these Writer Roundtables (subscribers' link).

I know that's not the case, but Paula's tweet did get me thinking about the state of online learning and socializing. There are times when it's such a relief to be able to turn off the camera and just listen to someone. I can put on my airpods and sit on a cushy chair 10 feet from the computer and just focus without any of the distractions that come with a mouse and keyboard at my fingertips.

But then traditional webinars are often so boring. It puts tremendous pressure on the guest to deliver an engaging event without group activities.

Anyway, you should come to Isabel Singer's writer roundtable at 6:30pm ET this evening.

It is not going to be boring.

I'm not doing a good job of promoting this, am I?

Listen, this event is going to be awesome because Isabel wrote a fantastic letter a few weeks ago, and she has some wonderful questions for participants this evening.

So, register to get the event details, if you haven't already. And I hope to see you in just a few hours.


P.S. Tomorrow I'll share some takeaways from today's meetup for the Problem Space group in the MAP Community. If you've ever wondered why museum professionals might want to think more about car dealerships, tomorrow's newsletter is the one you've been waiting for.


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