A newsletter on audience research and development for cultural leaders. One reader calls it, "sometimes funny"

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It’s a free, weekly newsletter on problem-space research and audience development for cultural leaders. Letters are written by me, Kyle Bowen, and occasional guest writers.

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One subscriber emailed me recently and shared why he subscribed:

I signed up for a subscription because I like that your overall effort is, itself, a business model innovation in the consultancy/advisory space. While the individual elements may not be brand-new, the way in which you are integrating them – newsletter, community, curated content, etc. – is very clever and delivers value in a new way. A totally different take (and, it appears, a pretty energy-intensive one) towards being an expert, let alone in a domain – research – that is critical and evolving.

I also love your writing style and that you tackle sticky subjects. Your transparency, letting us ‘into’ the complicated thoughts of your mind, aligns very well with how I aim to communicate with my team, organization, and stakeholders. I read pretty much every email and forward many on to various co-workers. I find that the posts sometimes echo the conversations I’m having with my team, so sharing them becomes a way to reinforce and validate the ideas that fuel our work.

I think you can take this in a few different directions, and am curious to see how it grows. I’m pleased to be a part of your vision for a mutually-supportive peer group, and am behind your goals.

— Mitchell Sava, Vice President of Innovation and Engagement at Museum of Life and Science

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