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One of the questions I ask in the survey I’m circulating on audience motivations is, “What motivates people to join or become a member of your organization?”

53 of the 108 qualified respondents who answered the question say they believe cost savings are at least one reason people join.

That number is a bit lower than I expected — in my conversations with museum folks, it always feels like they talk about benefits as a driver of enrollment. I suppose that’s one example of the survey giving me some perspective and checking my assumptions.

Anyway, I’ve been running some user tests on children's museums lately and thinking about how museums communicate the value of membership online. Here’s a four-minute video that includes a clip showing how some website visitors may stumble through calculating the value of membership in the absence of a clear financial value proposition from the museum:

You can hear in the clip how the visitor may wildly overestimate the number of visits required for a basic membership to save them money. It's a good thing LICM is doing the calculation for visitors — it could be that communicating the benefit even earlier in the visitor journey would help convert more members. Something worth testing perhaps!

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