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Spring MAP & Tell

This Thursday, June 10th, 4–6pm ET

Our theme this spring in the MAP Community has been Listening. We've been reading Listening Well: The Art of Empathic Understanding by William R. Miller in our Dinner Club meetups and practicing listening at depth in the Progress Space group.

We'll share what we've been learning about Listening at our next MAP & Tell this Thursday.

During the event, you’ll practice some of the listening techniques we’ve been learning this season in the MAP Community. We’ll discuss “accurate empathy”, identify roadblocks to listening, and practice ways to shift our conversations with museum colleagues and audiences from surface-level exchanges to deep listening.

Our goal is to give community members a chance to reinforce what they’ve learned this past season and to give non-members a chance to learn some new listening techniques that will enrich their interactions with their colleagues and museum audiences.

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"Museum Membership is down, but it's not out" | Writer Roundtable with Rosie Siemer

Tuesday, June 15th, 4-5pm ET

Join us for a one-hour Writer Roundtable with guest author Rosie Siemer as we discuss her recent article "Museum membership is down but it’s not out". Rosie is CEO of FIVESEED and the author of Museum Membership Innovation.

This event will be of interest to museum professionals who are focused on membership innovation — However, the purpose of our discussion is to explore new ideas and approaches to membership, which means we're eager to welcome those who are not typically tasked with museum membership efforts. Educators, visitor services professionals, curators, executive directors… We want to hear from you, so please plan to attend if this topic is of interest to you.

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Museums As Progress Summer/Fall Registration

Registration for Summer/Fall: June 10th–June 30th
Summer/Fall Season: July 1–October 31st

Our theme for the upcoming season in the MAP Community is Imagination. We're finalizing our list of guests and will be voting on readings over the next few weeks. I'm grateful to the community members who have helped in planning the upcoming season in recent weeks — And especially to Susan Spero for the guest interviews she'll be leading. Thank you!

You can view membership options here; Register online starting this Thursday, or join the waiting list, and we'll email you on Friday with an invitation to complete your registration.

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