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Good morning.

No need to turn off the car or lock the doors — You won’t be gone long. Today’s letter is one of the shortest I’ve ever written.

I just have one question for you:

What is design research?

What does the term “design research” mean to you at this moment?

There is no right answer. This isn’t a test. You don’t need to go look anything up.

You can answer here or reply to this email with an answer.

Complete sentences are not required. If you haven’t had your coffee yet, just grunt whatever comes to mind.

If you don’t know, then just say: I DON’T KNOW and hit send. That’s perfectly acceptable.

I’m not going to share your response in any future emails, and I’m not going to follow up with you to ask any questions, so don’t worry about getting into a back and forth. Use this form if you’re feeling anonymous.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a member of this mailing list for two years or two hours. You can answer with what you know or believe today.

Once you’re done, your good deed will be done for the day, and you can go back to torturing insects and terrorizing your colleagues.

Have a memorable weekend,


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