A newsletter on progress-space research and audience development for cultural leaders. One reader calls it, "sometimes funny"

Our top authors

Kyle Bowen

"Resident humorist" and "sometimes funny" founder of SuperHelpful.

Randi Korn

Intentional Practice Missionary and museum geek

Isabella Bruno

Service design. Museums. Futurist in training. Experiences. Doula-like. POV is mine alone. You can't have it, nope, nope. she/hers

Rosie Siemer

My work focuses on empathic research, choice architecture, and the future of membership. When I'm not researching, writing, or museum hopping, I enjoy Scotch-tasting and watching sci-fi movies.

Isabel Singer (she/her)

I am an exhibit developer and a proud museum person! I spend a lot of time mulling over how we might get museums to be more focused on their people (both audiences AND staff).

The Guilty Remnant

We are living reminders.

Inner Critic

I know you can hear me.

Robert Weisberg

Rob has spent 25 years in museums at the intersection of technology, publishing, labels, and workflow. His current obsession is organizational culture.

Steve Boyd-Smith

Exhibit planner. Historian. Story whisperer. Problem-solver.

Nameiko Miller

Nameiko Miller lives in Nassau, Bahamas where she is employed as a museum Curator.

Kimberlee Kiehl

Strategy geek, storyteller, passionate about education in all forms.

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