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Our first Museums-As-Progress Community Open House is scheduled for next Friday, January 15th at 2pm ET (view in your time zone).

If you’re new here and you’re wondering what a “Museums-As-Progress Community” is, you can catch up here.

What's a MAP Open House?

It depends on when you ask.

Long-term vision (3–5 years): MAP Open Houses are multi-day, seasonal events that showcase the projects MAP community members are pursuing that support our shared goal of creating more equitable and innovative cultural organizations, including success stories and spectacular failures. Yes, sort of like a conference, but one that is focused on progress toward a shared goal rather than a theme or method or traditional division with organizations (e.g., educators, technologists, etc).

Medium-term vision (1 year): MAP Open Houses are half-day/evening events that inch closer to our long-term vision.

This month's reality: Total free-for-all.

Ok, not really — For this first open house, Isabella and I will share what we’ve developed for MAP Community Labs, based on our work in Odyssey Works' Experience Design Incubator. Then, a few community members will share recent work that supports our community goals. Then, we'll end with a fun Thirsty-Thursday-esque game.

But we don’t really know how it will go because we haven’t held one of these events before.

And that’s kind of exciting. It feels like you’re starting something new — because you are. And that’s rare. It’s good to be coming in from the ground floor.

Register for MAP Open House 1.0

(If you’re a member of The MAP Community, you don’t need to register. Just RSVP in the community.)

Happy new year,


drawing of a museum/house


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