A newsletter on progress-space research and audience development for cultural leaders. One reader calls it, "sometimes funny"

SuperHelpful Letters was born in January, 2018 as a daily (yes, daily) newsletter on UX research for education-focused nonprofits.

Today, the newsletter is mostly about progress-space research and its impact on the future of culture institutions, especially museums.

The newsletter goes out once a week to free subscribers and a couple more times each week to paid subscribers.

Over the past several years, SuperHelpful Letters has grown to include guest authors, reader events, and has spawned Museums As Progress — a private community for cultural leaders who want to apply progress-space research within their organizations.

What readers are saying

I really appreciate the humorous and sometimes irreverent tone of these emails. They feel like they come from that (slightly) snarky, funny, and smart colleague whose desk you visit when you’re having a rough day.

— Carissa Kowalski Dougherty
Head of Knowledge Management, The Morton Arboretum

I read almost everything you write – short, smart, useable.

— Margaret Milnes
Director of Membership, Mystic Seaport Museum

Questions you may have

What’s the deal with a paid subscription?

Paid subscribers get:

  • Up to four letters a week on audience research and development for cultural organizations (not just the occasional free ones)
  • Full access to the archive
  • Subscribers-only episodes in your podcast app
  • Join The Museums-As-Progress Community at 50% off. (Check your inbox after you join to find a special link to join at the discounted rate.)

Can I read the newsletter in my browser?

Yes. If you are a member, you can read all newsletters right here at letters.superhelpful.com and access all the content in the archives.

Can I share emails on social media?


Can I forward emails to others?

Feel free to forward the free, weekly letters far and wide on whatever platform you prefer. Occasionally forwarding subscribers-only emails is just fine, too. If you do forward some emails, consider encouraging the recipients to subscribe.

Can I give a gift subscription?

Yes. Here’s how to purchase a gift subscription.

Can I write a guest post for SuperHelpful Letters?

You can suggest an idea for a guest letter using this application form.

What’s the schedule?

SuperHelpful Letters are delivered on weekdays. Paid list members receive every letter, and free subscribers receive about one email a week.

Holidays and Time Off

We take holidays off and the occasional personal day. Every few months, we take a week off from writing to rest and recharge. If you don’t hear from any of us for a week or so, it probably means Kyle is on a short break.

Other questions?

Email me at kyle@superhelpful.com.

Kyle Bowen
Principal, SuperHelpful

P.S. Donating in 2021

A portion of all proceeds from this newsletter and The MAP Community support museum workers and nonprofit organizations nominated by members. Since 2020, subscribers and members have raised over $1200 for:

During the spring of 2021, proceeds will go to support 6018North.

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